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Managing your project

project-management2Our degree qualified Civil Engineers, along with our knowledge of the construction industry in Victoria, gives McClure Civil Management the ability to collate a range of works into a single package. We provide a fully project managed service which means that you have one contact for the entire project, rather than many contacts for different parts of the project.

Project planning and development

The preliminary phase of the project where we start building the concept before moving on to the design phase. We manage the following:

  • Management of the project from conceptual to design & construct phase
  • Engagement and consultation with stakeholders
  • Development of project reports
  • Preliminary site investigations

Design management and optimisation

The design is developed from the concept. During the build process plans often need to be revised and changed to suit circumstances as they arise. We have the skills to make the changes.

  • Review and assess design scope for clients during the preliminary planning phases.  We offer:
    • independent checks
    • identify potential cost savings
    • streamline transition between planning and construction phases
  • Ongoing management of design throughout the planning & construction process – includes:
    • reviewing current designs
    • creation of temporary works designs
    • design clarification
    • cost control of the design process from concept to completion
  • Identify and eliminate risks
    • health and safety risks in the design, and financial risks during construction.

Project management

We offer a dedicated project manager or team for ensuring deadlines and safety targets are met, along with managing the general aspects of your project.

  • We offer a range of project management services, from small scale works to large contracts Encompassing all disciplines, from: service installation, earthworks, concrete and pavement construction
  • Provision of a Project Manager or a Project Team (including PM’s, Engineers and OHSE management)
  • Specialise in the management and staging of projects from preliminary design phase, construction and completion
  • Strong focus on safety, quality and environmental performance